AI — Terrific or Terrifying? BBC Asian Network News Presents

Anushka Sharma
2 min readJun 23, 2023

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was delighted to be invited to join this panel on BBC Asian Network News Presents show with Ankur Desai on AI — terrific or terrifying? with Professor Anil Seth, Yasmin Karsan, and Aditya Maurya.

My opening remarks were about framing the risks to consider and the unintended consequences, but also the ethical concerns that if technology is creating applications that are potentially limiting people in society, maybe people around the world in the global south or the north, we really have to think about the bias in algorithms as well as the future job displacement.

We’re already hearing numbers of people that might be losing their jobs in the next 10 years. And there was some great data coming out of the World Economic Forum. But we also need algorithms to be transparent and this technology to be understandable and explainable to people that aren’t using the technology, but whose life is impacted by it. So for instance, if you’re applying for a mortgage and you don’t get it, then you need to know if an algorithm has had some bias within it. That has stopped you from receiving financial aid. And I think that’s one of the bigger conversations that hopefully this discussion will bring about. At the same time as someone working across the space and tech sector, I’m so excited about what this means for our future goals as humanity.

When asked by Ankur: “If there’s one thing you want to see in terms of better regulation and better safety for all of us what would that be?”

Mine would be transparency and explainability. I want companies that are deploying AI to the public as a product or service to be able to explain it in a language that is really easy to understand so that my mum and my grandparents can understand it. “Transparency” is defined as if a decision is made, there is an ethical and open approach that’s fair, that allows us to see how a decision has been made by a system. With a way to have “not a computer says no” but a human in the loop to help overturn a decision when it’s unfair.

Check out the show and the debate on AI and let me know your thoughts.

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